Sunday, May 03, 2009


Again I was waisting my time with traveling between two countries, Slovenia and Finland. But it was fun and now the spring has started here up North as well. However, during my visits at home I noticed that I had started to miss some food one could get only in Finland; of course I sometimes miss Slovenian food. Thus, the idea has immerged and I decided to introduce you some of mine favorite Finnish food. The dishes here might not be traditionally Finnish; the plan is just to offer a quick and, most of all, personal info on some tasty treasures.

1. Leipäjuusto - Bread Cheese
Also known as squeaky cheese, round, baked to get its brown marks. In shops one can find it in pieces or whole small disks. Traditionally, it is eaten with cloudberry jam - I've tried it and no matter how strange it might seem it is just so very tasty.

2. Viili
A product of fermented milk, some kind of yoghurt, very special texture. Good for stomack. One needs to get used of viili's strange surface, but afterwards it is really nice. Especially I like organic viili with forest fruits.

3. Tyrnihillo - Sea buckthorn jam
It took some time for me to realise this is actually the plant we call rakitovec in Slovenian. Never seen it in the nature; even if I have done, I haven't been aware of it. Used in cosmetic industry also, has lots of vitamines.4. Lakkahillo - Couldberry jam
The lakka grows in Lapland and in Finland it is sold to tourists in many different ways. However, the best is in my opinion the jam where one can notice actual fruit and its proper taste.

5. Lapin rieska - Lefse
Traditional Nordic bread, low, baked without yeast. In Finland, there are rye, potato and also barley versions. The disks can be big or small, thinner or thicker. I also like the package in which rieska is sold; the baker has cleverly used motives from shaman drums. Thus, I can imagine also Kalevala heroes were feasting on such bread...

6. Karjalan piirakka - Karelian pie
Finnish type of pirozhki, so originally not Finnish as it has come from Russia; afterall, Karelia is on the border. Rye crust and rice fiilling; rice, however, is not very traditional but I like it nevertheless. Also comes with potato and meaty fillings.

7. Daim kakku - Daim cake
Well, this last dish is not Finnish, but, alas, traditionally Swedish. The reason why I put it here is the fact I have tasted this cake in Finland for the first time and one can also buy it frozen in almost every supermarket. Almonds, chocolate, no flour... just delicious.


Aelfsciene said...

Yummie od posta.

Tyrnihillo in lakkahillo sta pozela veliko uspehov pri nas doma. Doma narejene piroske seveda malo manj, bo treba folk na Finsko peljat to jest. Daim kakku je pa itak v Ikei ;)

Akasha said...

Zanimiv post...še kaj takih prosim, hehe....
Moram pa priznati, da bi od predstavljenih zadevščin probala samo marmelade in tisto zadnje se kruh..ostalo me nekam ne pritegne prevec.. :-)

kaneli said...

@both ;)

Marmelade so zakon, in fajn je, da se dobi tudi variante brez dodanega sladkorja.

Sicer sta se sir in viili, recimo, na začetku tudi meni zdela čudna - ampak dokler ne probaš, ne veš. ;)