Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Moi! Time has passed since my last post. Well, despite I have been absent as an active blogger for a while, I have been all the time present in the blogosphere as a lurker, thus meaning a reader. Many things was going on, so this post will just offer some brief and random info on all events.

- I like to be back to some places after a while; there is always something new either in Ljubljana or here in JKL when I get back.
- New student year has started.
- So, I'm back to Finland after two months of holiday and pure laziness in my home country.
- Here in Finland, I am living in a new appartement to which I have moved already in June.
- At this point, I really like this new appartement.
- I have got a bike, and that gives me so much freedom.
- Since I have got my bike, I have also found out that JKL consists of many small hills. Eeek.
- I am continuing with aikido after that long summer break.
- I am also continuing with Finnish language course; now I'm in the highest level.
- I have ordered Helsingin Sanomat to get some news.
- I should rather read stuff for my studies.
- In my home country, I did some translation from Finnish. Still waiting for the money.
- I have a new laptop with Vista in it.
- It's autumn here, so called ruska-aika. Very beautiful, but also very cold.
- I cannot say my depression is totally gone, but I think I feel slightly better. We'll see, I'm rather careful with conclusions.


Aelfsciene said...

Komentar na hribcke: ja, jaz sem jih opazila ze pri hoji ;) Sej so tudi Helsinki sami hribcki :)

Lepo, da te je Finska pomirila ... Razumem tudi, zakaj :)

kaneli said...

Te dni me je Finska pomirila do te mere, da sem kar naprej zaspana. Jesen. :D

Aelfsciene said...

Marraskuu, tuli marraskuu niin nopea ...


kaneli said...

Vaietkaa, marjat maan
Mietiskelkää, mesimetsät ja metsien päät
Vaivautuko vastaamaan,
kulkeko syksy sydämessä...

Viikate, moja jesenska muzika. <3