Sunday, May 04, 2008


Spring has finally reached our part of Finland, almost all of a sudden. Sun has started to shine, temperatures have risen to a pleasant mild degree, and days are getting really long. So much of light! Some three weeks ago, I was still in my winter coat; now I can wear T-shirts.

It seems as Finland would have a special character - somehow similar to mine. In a way, Finland is a land of extremes. Either nothing or everything, either black or white, either depression or euphoria; there is no middle, no grey colour, no balance. Unstable, stormy, but also fiery character. Short days and a long-lasting lack of sunlight during winter; even if there are a couple of hours of daylight, sun is usually hidden behind clouds. And then, such an extreme change. I feel as that spring does not come slowly to these places, it just bursts out from long winter, and the nature goes through more fazes simultaneously.

So I sit in the center of JKL, catching that bright sunlight, people passing by in light clothes, holding their hands, they seem much more joyful than in winter, a lot of us is eating ice-cream, and spring already feels like summer. I observe those young beginnings of what will soon become a full-grown leaf on the tree... and I think...

... When I see young leaves growing, I already think how they will turn yellow in autumn.
... When I feel the warmth of the sun, I already think of forthcoming cold.
... When I am joyful, I am aware I can be easily
depressed again .
... When I observe days turning long, I remember they will start to retreat back into darkness.
....When a love starts, I am already afraid of the time when it will end.

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