Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Monday 21st of January that has just passed has been tagged for Blue Monday; the most depressing day of the year. Well, whatever. I just know it is the last full week of January. Two years ago, it was also the last full week of January when I traveled to Finland for the first time. Did I expect me to live here one day when I arrived to that snowy Finnish night two years ago? Perhaps I did not. Perhaps I did.

Nowadays, I am quite piled up with essays. Constantly writing for over a month; or at least thinking what should I write. For sure I should be reading something at this moment, too. I am continuing my Aikido practice as well - and there I try to find additional energy for studies. My perception of Japanese term mae-geri, meaning front kick in Nanbudo (and Karate) has transformed into a strike with bokken, woden sword. Learning all the time. Nevertheless I have found out which moments can make my busy days. One of them is hot sauna after Aikido practice...

If the Monday was blue, now the other days are white. We have some snow! The landscape has turned into winter's tale; no matter the temperatures that are getting somehow lower. Today, the day was so clear and sunny. Yes, despite winter is still here, now even in all it's proper glory, the sun seems to be getting back its strength. It feels brighter than a couple of months ago. There is
still some hope left. However, enjoy your days - and I will try to enjoy mine, desperately trying to complete the work.

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