Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Some days ago, I have had my driving lesson. Thus I have happened to drive by a board. When passing it, I have spotted this big advertisement suggesting people to buy fancy gold jewellery as Valentine's Day gift for their so loved ones. I mean, the design was what disturbed me, the way how it spoke to the potential custumer. Alright, goddamn commercialism. As British punky playwright Mark Ravenhill has found out, life nowdays is all about Shopping and Fucking. And where has true love gone, eh?

First, mind this Andy Warhol here (I like him in general). Second, I won't write much on Valentine's Day; it is imported holiday that has not been celebrated in Slovenia until a few, perhaps ten years ago. Now it is here in all its Western glory. And kitch. But I do not intend to write that I feel pretty much punky about Valentine's Day. Yeah, this Valentine's thingie totally sucks... errr... okay, no fallouts. The board I have seen made me think about gifts. General thoughts I could post at other commercial holidays too. Giving gifts. And getting them.

In a way, yes, I like giving gifts to people. If there is a birthday occasion, or if I travel to somewhere for a visit, or if I return from a trip. Sometimes I give gifts to thank for various nice favours. And sometimes I give small gifts almost... out of the blue. Chocolates, for instance. When buying gifts for birthdays, there is this shop in Ljubljana I like. Fair Trade shop; with the purchase there, one supports poor craftsmen and women from allover the world whereas ecology is also involved. Almost all gifts I have given to my friends within last couple of years where bought from that shop.

Well, I can also give gifts that appear too big. Like more things together. Which could turn embarrassing, sometimes, or it could even be wrongly understood. Hei, I do not want to buy anyone's friendship. It is like... a concept of a present I have in my mind at that particular moment when seeking for it. Then, some things fit together so nicely, for instance. Perhaps difficult to explain.

Still I would agree that less can be much more. It can be only a stone. A letter. A walk. It is the meaning behind the gift that counts; not the gift itself. Depends who, how and why has given the gift, right?

For the end, a bit of some more Valentine-like classics. It seems I just cannot resist posting lyrics lately, but this song totally rules.

Lepa prijateljstva - Happy Valentine's Day - Hyvää ystäväpäivää.

Taste the whip, in love not given lightly
Taste the whip, now plead for me.

I am tired, I am weary
I could sleep for a thousand years
A thousand dreams that would awake me
Different colors made of tears.

Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather
Shiny leather in the dark
Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart.
(The Velvet Underground: Venus In Furs)


kaneli said...

Yep, life sucks, but Lou Reed rules.

kaneli said...

Oh, also something. Life itself actually does not suck. People are those that make it to suck.